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Make A Difference Films is a small production company specialising in producing documentary/promotional films for charities, government organisations, theatrical shows, estate agents....basically anyone requiring video for any purpose. By keeping the operation streamlined we are able to make high quality films for a fraction of the cost that larger production houses are able to.

We see the whole project through, starting with finding out exactly what your organisation does, and what you want to illustrate. Together we come up with ideas for how best to achieve your goals and work out a filming schedule that covers all the required subjects.


What We Do

With over 20 years in photo and video journalism we are experienced in all the aspects of producing a film that will get your message across. From a 60 minute documentary to a 3 minute promo, we can produce whatever you require. Filming is done in high definition using the latest cameras, the editing is all done in house using the professional software, and the finished films can be output for broadcast, internet or on DVD.

Take a look at some of the samples on this site to get an idea what we can do for you